Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flickr and then some

So I've been looking into getting myself a new camera. Mostly for Stop Motion, but also for regular photographs. I have a friend who has been quite encouraging with said goal, to the point of lending me his (quite out of my price range, but only if I DON'T win the lotto) camera. With that and my old one I have been putting up a lot of pictures up on Flickr. I had actually opened that account a while ago, but now I'm finally putting it to good use. I'm not sure if I want to use it to showcase my other art, that's why so far it's just my photographs. The good news about all this is that it's been helping my eye in framing. I feel like now I can get a better idea of framing any of my shorts so that they don't look too much like a stage play with wireless puppets and more like an engaging narration. That, I think, is sometimes the hardest thing to learn. The camera is a narration tool, and using it wisely can make or break your story. With that in mind I'm also taking a course in Maya (finally right!), which I know is like going over to the dark side for stop-mo. But basically I want to be able to use my skills in the widest range of mediums to better the animation. Ultimately that is what we all want right? To be better animators or artist or whatever it is that you do and want to be good at. I guess I just take a more wholistic approach which also usually means a longer more round about road. Now without further ado here is a sample of my photos as well as the link to see my Flickr gallery.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roller Derby Queen

I have an old photograph of when I won (with my team) the season championships of my derby league. I was thinking about it this morning and it blended in with an image of FLCL. So I sat and drew this image instead. Yes I cheated by only drawing one arm. And yes the skates are off. But regardless I really like the way it has turned out. Hope you like it too.