Monday, November 30, 2009

Some "behind the scenes" for PNC:

Minature town set for Act 3.

Green screen shooting of kids.

Goose costume before added feathers and sewing on head.

Drummer's drum set with cymbal.

Pogo stick for the leaping Lord. Un-used because the Lord was the same size as the pogo.

Drumsticks and feet for the leaping Lord Pogo stick trick.

Working twisted lamppost.

Head to the calling bird, as worn by it's maker: Jason Villegas.

Partridge head/body , made by me.

Swan wings as worn by it's maker: Kara.

One of my spots has gone LIVE

So I've been working on various spots for Dancing Diablo as of late, as you may know from my DNA (more to come soon).
One of the first to be completed that I helped on from start to finish has finally gone live. It is the PNC Winter Numberland in which PNC Bank calculates the price of christmas based on the song of "the 12 days of christmas" (which happens to be my favorite xmas song). It was a really fun, cool, interesting piece with great Art Design. The shoot (which happened the day after halloween) ended up being just as much fun as creating all the great pieces. Notice the purple lamppost on the right, that was life size and it really took a lamp in it. Too bad it died on the trip to the shoot and back to the studio... I wanted to keep it and take it home with me. Next time.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I've been up to: Evolution of DNA

I've been working at an animation studio that has a client that asked for a model of DNA. We thought first to make it out of paper as such:

But i don't think it really worked. Didn't say DNA. So we went another route, cutting out small slivers into each strip of paper before folding it, so it looked as such:

But the client didn't like that one. They wanted it to look more realistic (if a model of DNA can ever truly be realistic). And so after thinking it over much I remembered how cutting cardboard on a diagonal and twisting it, it would stay twisted, I made this:

I think it is the best one... and so did the client.

This is what I have been up to lately. Working with a studio that allows me to make things, build things and paint things. I haven't really been drawing much, but I've been a whole lot more creative than I have been in a while. I did have to do a series of basic illustrations as a child, and construction of a man running (this I will be throwing into iMovie? or Final Cut Express? later and making an animatic of).

I so much more to show, but this is a teaser for now. Enjoy.