Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I've been up to: Evolution of DNA

I've been working at an animation studio that has a client that asked for a model of DNA. We thought first to make it out of paper as such:

But i don't think it really worked. Didn't say DNA. So we went another route, cutting out small slivers into each strip of paper before folding it, so it looked as such:

But the client didn't like that one. They wanted it to look more realistic (if a model of DNA can ever truly be realistic). And so after thinking it over much I remembered how cutting cardboard on a diagonal and twisting it, it would stay twisted, I made this:

I think it is the best one... and so did the client.

This is what I have been up to lately. Working with a studio that allows me to make things, build things and paint things. I haven't really been drawing much, but I've been a whole lot more creative than I have been in a while. I did have to do a series of basic illustrations as a child, and construction of a man running (this I will be throwing into iMovie? or Final Cut Express? later and making an animatic of).

I so much more to show, but this is a teaser for now. Enjoy.


Alisa said...

That last one definitely says "DNA." Very cool!

Nathalia M said...

Thanks! I thought we were doing for a more abstract idea at first... and all ref pics online had a bar going through the center that wouldn't work, so i felt like a genius when i "figure" it out.