Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Studies, painting, blue

I've been fUNemployed more times than not these past few years. Not to say I didn't make some money, but if I'm not getting paid to be an artist I consider myself an unemployed artist.

You get a bit blue.

I'm trying to remind myself (not forget really) why I like being an artist. I started a Pinterest board for reference and inspiration. And it does make me want to create. But with the move I feel like I can't find all the things I had slowly collected for all of my art endeavors. But that just excuses.

So I'm painting from a photo reference. Found on Pinterest, seen through my phone, and interpreted by my current art skills. Strangely at this point I feel like it can turn into a self portrait, but I'm going to continue trying to capture OTHER faces and thus continue to grow. Just a start. As always.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Late night drawing

While watching a puppetry documentary. I need to learn more of this. And make more puppets.