Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weighty Boobs and Babes

This is some figure drawing from a couple of weeks ago. She was difficult for me, since the boobs felt like they were too weighty. And she had really wide hips but extremely long thin legs. I should have found her exciting with different proportions and all, but instead struggled to get her down right. If i spent too much time studying her, i'd screw up the whole piece, so i had to learn this almost zen like balance of quick study without thought.

I like that you can see a better version of the figure from the other page bleeding through the ink drawings. That's why no retouching. I have one more of her that i need to scan, and the finals of my 72 hr script character designs. Those'll be coming soon. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Blue Period

These are a couple of my figure drawings that are predominantly blue. Most artist go through a specific color phase and today is that day. Just realized that i have more than one drawing with that color. Doesn't help that its my favorite. 3 different models so you can see the different takes and ways i draw depending on the day. Enjoy.

These were the ones i meant to post last time:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Combo post: Sketchbook AND figure drawing! Plus more on the 72 hr Script...

So Blogger is giving me trouble uploading another picture that i did of this dancer/model with more details. Next time.
This one is a combo scan, showing both another full sketch page for your viewing pleasure, but also more on the fly figure drawing with the awesome pens. I think i am in love!

I've also been working more on my 72 Hour script, writing into for some answers on questions so that i can get to the next step. I spend most of my time hanging out with 2d animators that talking to puppet animators really got the creative juices flowing. You should see "final" character designs soon. Still ironing out some details, but the basic design is done. Can't wait to unveil them soon. I'm so excited!

Either way enjoy the picture, with more to come soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dancing with Pens and Models

So these are drawings done in both pencil and the new pens, plus one more extra special pen i found at NY Central from Japan. It is a brush pen that actually feels like a brush (most brush pens to me feel too stiff, not like real bristles and such).

The gesture was a 30 second pose as a warm up. It was literally my first drawing of the night, but since i have a thing for dancers, i always "get" their posing faster than others.
The others were probably either the 2 or 3 minute poses. I was trying to make each piece feel complete unto itself as if i had imagined it that way and was not dictated my a models pose. Does that make sense?

She was a fun model for me to draw and i hope we get her again soon. I felt like her body shapes were a contradiction and thus found her even more fascinating. Enjoy all.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The new pens i got...

So remember when i said i got new pens that were supposed to replace all the others, but just ended up being added to them? This is a quick sketch i did on the subway with them to test them out. They bleed through the paper, so if i use them the other side has to be for research, or something that will not be scanned nor seen by anyone else. But regardless i like the way these turned out. The pigeons from the previous post were also with those, but that was the second attempt, so they were a bit more confident. I like how i am forced to think of the line a bit more before marking them, but i was never really one to erase much in my drawings anyway.
I have a couple more samples from a figure drawing class, but you'll have to wait for those later.