Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dancing with Pens and Models

So these are drawings done in both pencil and the new pens, plus one more extra special pen i found at NY Central from Japan. It is a brush pen that actually feels like a brush (most brush pens to me feel too stiff, not like real bristles and such).

The gesture was a 30 second pose as a warm up. It was literally my first drawing of the night, but since i have a thing for dancers, i always "get" their posing faster than others.
The others were probably either the 2 or 3 minute poses. I was trying to make each piece feel complete unto itself as if i had imagined it that way and was not dictated my a models pose. Does that make sense?

She was a fun model for me to draw and i hope we get her again soon. I felt like her body shapes were a contradiction and thus found her even more fascinating. Enjoy all.





Hope your there tonight..



Looking forward to seeing you get some stuff on the ol' drawing board.


Alisa said...

I said it last night, but I'll say it again: I really like the pose on that second one. You really captured her weight distribution.

Nathalia M said...

Thanks guys! Liam always talks about getting the weight of the figure, feeling the weight especially on the feet. like they are planted. I keep that in mind a lot. Especially since i feel like i need to work on my feet. I just can't seem to get them.