Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weighty Boobs and Babes

This is some figure drawing from a couple of weeks ago. She was difficult for me, since the boobs felt like they were too weighty. And she had really wide hips but extremely long thin legs. I should have found her exciting with different proportions and all, but instead struggled to get her down right. If i spent too much time studying her, i'd screw up the whole piece, so i had to learn this almost zen like balance of quick study without thought.

I like that you can see a better version of the figure from the other page bleeding through the ink drawings. That's why no retouching. I have one more of her that i need to scan, and the finals of my 72 hr script character designs. Those'll be coming soon. Enjoy.



Yeah she had big hefty breasts... and they hung down quiet a bit too.

Great drawings though...
Hope you come out drawing next week.


jriggity said...

I like this group of drawings.