Tuesday, February 15, 2011

End of Phase 1

So I took one during and one "end of phase one" picture of the painting. I'm sure it won't look any different to you, or at least that much, but the first part to finishing this painting for me was getting away from the watered down paint layer. The colors are brighter and more solid. Next phase will be to bring in the detail work on the skull and squid. I mostly chose this image because I wanted to work with color and swirls. Yeah I know that sounds weird, but I like the feel of the brush as it swirls... it flows for me. And skulls are cool. Give me a day or two and I will have more "behind the scenes" of this painting.


PS the color will be weird on these photographs because I am using a special truColor light to help me paint, but it reflects of the white skull during photography. For the final photo I will be sure to correct that, but for now, it's all good.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

At home with paints

This is my home studio now more organized, swept and ready to go. Just thought I'd give you an idea of where I work, since I showed you my traveling studio in Ireland. Today I start the painting. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This painting I started a couple of years ago in Ireland. I got frustrated half way through it because I had purchased a cheap beginners acrylic paint set and the colors kept washing out. Basically not enough pigment in the tube. So I brought it home with the hopes of finishing it here in NY, but it never happened. I just placed it on my easel and ignored it.

Today I am setting up my work space (which a while ago became more of a cluttered storage space than an art space), so that I may finish it. I will be painting again, and building again, and animating again. I vow to no longer ignore this art of mine. I think it was the drive to digital that did it for me. I LOVE the smell, feel, and touch of paint and pencils and paper and canvas. I love ending the day covered in plaster, or paint, or glue, or with tiny little cuts from xacto knives (well maybe not the cuts, but glue gun burns, how I laugh at thee!). I am physical! That is why I couldn't finish my computer animation courses. I didn't want to do my art in only the theoretical sphere of virtual images. Where the only proof of a long day at work, was sore eyes, sore neck and back, and a wider derrière. Where walking down the street people know you only by the slumped walk and the hollow eyes of a computer nerd....

But I digress. I know it's not like that. And with Cyntiqs and faster and better computers, well I can see how much faster and better it can be. But you can't take away the joy I get from walking into an oil studio and smelling the paint and turpentine. And so I paint. And build. And continue to animate in the physical realm. That is my joy, and hopefully it's partly yours too.

Don't worry boys and girls, more to come very soon. Until then, go get dirty and have fun doing it!