Monday, February 4, 2008


My first drawing based on the images at the cloisters. Granted watching the History Channel's "Sex in the BIble" last night help with all the religious images throughout the ages that they showed. By the by she will be colored, so you'll se her again. Enjoy.



I like it, but will admit that something about the proportions and features of the face simply don't feel right. I would suggest that you invest just a bit more time on working some of this out before you spend lots of time on the color and finish.
Other then that Great stuff, I am working on my Santa Barbara from that same day.

will see what we have when we finish.


NM said...

Thanks for the tips, and yeah i see what you mean. This was supposed to be a doodle in my book, and somehow, it got a little more "finished" than intended. Thanks again.