Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Something Colored and Finished!

Just to throw you all a curve ball and post up something that isn't just a sketch or drawing class. I drew this up last friday sitting on the bed watching bad tv. It's from a photograph, so i had to fudge some details, but it is 100% hand drawn and colored. The only thing computer generated is comping the scans together since it was drawn on 12x16 and my scanner doesn't see past 9x12. let me know what you think.



Nice rendering there.

But, the proportions are nagging me a bit for some reason. I think I'd like to see the photo you reffed along side this image to get a better feeling for it. the biggest thing is that the limbs are emerging from the large black mass of the skirt dress and


........I am not really getting a feeling for how the body is working and connected underneath all that.

Sorry for the double post. I hit enter with my big silly meat fingers.

Thanks for sharing and we'll talk soon.