Friday, April 18, 2008

Two more drawings.

A couple of weeks ago i posted a picture based off a photograph that i enjoyed in a magazine. I have since then purchased more magazines of that same type and produced first a quick color study of one of them... such as the pic on the left, and then last night i decided to tackle a slightly more complicated pose with the pic in the right. I also decided to practice the rendering techniques that many years of HS/College drawing classes taught me and emphasized in me. I hope it meets with everyone's tastes, but if it doesn't well...... tough. I enjoyed making and showing these two pieces. And you'll probably see more in this vein in the weeks to come. 

Ps: I'm very proud of the way the feet and hands came out on the right. They're not perfect, but they're definitely better than what i would usually tackle. I'm thinking of doing a series of feet drawings, since they are so hard to do. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect!

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I like the one on the Right....the face could use a little tightening up...but good....

Nice to hear things are well on your end.