Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Ideas

Today of all days, blogger probably has the most new posts going up on their millions of published blogs. And it is usually because like myself, most people decide to start anew today. Today is really no different than yesterday, and if one wants to start over, any "new" day will do. Wake up and change, but there is some magic involved with the starting of the new year, that changing of that last number on the date, that gives hope to everyone, and makes them feel more likely to succeed. Does the magic work? Well only as far as you are willing to take it, but when i think of it, last year i published more posts than the year previous with my old blog, and thus this year i should publish more than last. Each year bigger and better.
I was very lax, last year. Allowing myself to get caught up on the mundane realities of living, and keeping all inspirations in my head, never putting them down on paper. Never really giving them a chance of life. I allowed myself to be overwhelmed by the shear number of good artist blogs out there and feel, i had to do better. If i am better or not, is not for me to decide. I just need to publish my work in all its myriad forms and keep producing. Maybe this year will be the year my short will start to see the light of day. All i could hope to do right now though is finish the puppet. Only then can she come to life and i can introduce her to the world.
In this new year of hope, as we all take our first tentative steps out into the unknown future of our own potential, i wish all of you the best. If it turns out that you are better than me, then congratulations, just know i will be constantly striving to surpass you. If we ever chance to meet or work together don't be offended, honest competition always brings out the best in the work, and thus the industry. 
May this year be 10 times more prosperous than the last, and may all your lines be straight, all you colors be right, and all your animation be true to life.

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