Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pigeons everywhere!

On one of my trips to the park to work on my script, I heard some park workers discussing a pigeon in front of the ladies room. It lay there not moving with one wing out and flexing its tail. I stopped to draw it, but the parks person walked up to it to see if it was ok, and it promptly flew off. I guess it was taking in a little sun after so many days of rain.
I also used my new markers purchased to lighten my load in my bag yet still provide color to the sketchbook. They are Copic markers, with a little standard brush markers for flavor. Funny things is though, i haven't taken anything out of my bag, so it's not lighter. Now i just have 4 more markers added to it.
"You can take the girl out of the art store, but not the art store out of the girl!"

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Liam said...

yahhh for strange pigeon!!!