Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late night doodlings

So I've taken some advice, and started drawing from the TV. Pausing it when necessary to get the face down right and practicing faces. But also just drawing for the sake of drawing. Whatever i see in front of me (like my tiny plush Mayor from Halloween-town). I feel like I'm getting more confident with them since the ones in pen came out great (at least in my opinion). I'm mostly watching the Daily Show, and the History channel, so if some faces look familiar, you know why (and if I did catch their names i wrote them down next to the heads).

I must say though, that its becoming fun. I think i fall into the trap of most artists after they leave school and that's they get stale, and start comparing themselves to professionals with decades in the field. Now I'm not saying there is anything necessarily wrong with that (it can motivate you to become better), but depending on your composition, it can also become discouraging. And though doing the blog rounds CAN be inspiring, depending on the day, you may just want to throw up the pencil/pen/brush/wacom and call it quits. I know i have.

By the by, These 2 pages are from this nice square sketchpad from NY Central. It's the perfect size for right next to the bed and late night doodling, sketching. I need a bulldog clip to keep it closed, and since no spiral no back of page drawings, but i'm enjoying the challenge. No need to feel like you need to fill up every bit of space. and it has a nice tooth in case you want to add more shading/texture.

Either way, enjoy the pictures, and I'll have more for you in a couple of days.


Alisa said...

I read that one head as Paul Giacometti right away...I think it was the raised eyebrow!

Nathalia M said...

I think that is why i drew him. I kept pausing on the iconic Giacometti faces and tried to capture that. Woot that i got it!