Friday, September 11, 2009

The Devil... no God... is in the Details

So on my second day in Dublin (but my third.. fourth time there) I FINALLY got to see the book of Kells. After much drama to get there and waiting in a longer line than I expected, I was finally led into the exhibit that houses the book. Since photography was not allowed I pulled out my sketchbook and start drawing. I guess most tourist don't expect anyone to record memories/sights in such a manor anymore, because I drew a small crowd. In my uncomfortable limelight I drew as quickly as possible. I was though unable to actually draw from the book of kells... to many people crowding around and trying to see. I was able to sketch another illuminated manuscript from Ethiopia. Still amazing to see, and I wished I could have a small moment (even if it meant wearing a bio suit, to not damage it) and hold both books in my hand and replicate what I saw myself. The detailed masterpieces that was in each square inch of illustration was amazing. I was unable to keep from wishing (slightly) that I could have been one of those monks, sitting and drawing such wonderous things. It almost makes me jealous.

I've always admired artist ability to render and create details in their art. Every time I try, I end up losing out on the big picture and the overall piece ends up laking something. But I can't ignore that some of the best work... the work that I want to put up on my walls... are the ones in which the artist thought hard and diligently on each pencil mark/brush stroke/ square inch of that piece. And I'll just keep plugging away at my attempts to not be ADHD like and move on to the next piece, just because this one has gotten tedious while trying to make it match as closely as possible to my mind.

The Devil IS in the details... because that is where he tries to make you loose focus and not finish your next greatest masterpiece. And God is there when you do.



Great looking sketches... Liking the limited color treatment too.


Nathalia M said...

Are you saying that I put too much color in my pieces? Are you saying that i need to simplify to diversify? What are you trying to say man, i just don't get it.