Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late Night Sketching

Been trying to loosen up my thoughts and drawings lately and so I've been allowing myself to wander a bit more within my sketches. I want to go back to painting again, but a blank canvas now scares me more than a blank page. So I sketch potential ideas that usually stay as such, but it allows me to be more free. Besides, going to NYCC this year reminded me how much I used love comics and be inspired by them, so I've been flipping through a lot of my old ones. My "themes" almost always seem the same, but sometimes I guess you just have to get it out of your system.

Again sorry for the bad photo, but it being late night, didn't feel like firing up the old compu/scanner to get it done right. Soon though, and more color.

By the by, these were done with my fave new pencils, the Palomino's. They've reminded me why I used to like drawing in pencil again.



Great sketches....Looking forward to seeing some more. I gotta get drawing myself...

Nathalia M said...

Thanks Pedro. It's nice to know that you enjoy my posts.