Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sherlock Holmes

I got you with that title didn't I. Well I saw one of the "new" BBC mini-series of Sherlock Holmes. A scene in that show inspired this... design. It's abstract, and colorful, and a bit random. But a drawing a day needn't be figurative all the time right? Just fill the page and enjoy making marks. If later on it inspires something more thought out, even better. Just be free.



Good stuff here... Glad to see that your setting yourself a drawing challenge to keep productive.... It sure can be motivational..


Nathalia M said...

Thanks for all the comments. Yeah trying to keep artistically active is a challenge. I also figure grab one small image/inspiration and use that without over thinking it. I'll probably have 3 more for tomorrow, since I missed out on posting today and yesterday.