Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Year, New Blog

For some people Halloween is considered a sacred day. A time when the divider between the Real World and the Spirit World is removed and people can move between the two easily. For me it is a time of renewal. A new year. A time in which I can start the habits that most people ask for on the New Year. It is my way of trying to guarantee that what I wish for on January 1, 2008 comes true.

In the past I had three blogs. Two public, one private. It was dividing my passions, so that different people would only see one side of myself. I think it had to do with the roller derby thing of having a derby persona and a real persona. I didn't want them to collide. What ended up happening was that in trying to divide myself up, I ignored all three blogs as a hassle. Who really spends their day saying, today I am only this? For two hours I am only that? This on the other hand is the exact opposite. I will put all of my passions on here, so if you see drawings, you'll know why. If you see photos of puppets, you'll know why. If you see only writing, you'll understand better. On certain days I may only post a picture of something weird and interesting I saw while I was out, or not. This will be the public me, which is all of me.

I hope that you all enjoy it. If you see something you like, tell a friend. If you see me ignoring an interesting thread, let me know. I'll pick it up and weave something new with it. And maybe, just maybe, together (public and private, voyeur and exhibitionist) we can create something unique and interesting. I hope this is a great new beginning for all of us.


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