Sunday, November 11, 2007

So the drawing Continues....

Last week in drawing class, we had a very skinny boney dancer that at first exited us with her poses and angles, but eventually bored us by doing the same 3 poses for the last hour of class. In that eventual boredom i noticed a friend sitting very casually with his feet up and loose hand over his page. Relaxed as he drew. And i thought it was a refreshing site too see since when you look around class, everyone has such an intense, determined, focused look in their eyes, that it seems to suck the fun out of drawing.
After class we had a very interesting chat over his chill attitude, and it was explained to me that during his actual working hours, he is very tense and basically only speaks in curt curses. That sounds funny to see as well.
The middle color pose is me trying not to get bored over one of the same later poses, so ignoring it and coloring a previous sketch that i had done of her. I am trying not to be afraid of possibly fucking up a good drawing by trying to make it better. It happens, and i just need to be able to deal with it.


Ray said...

goddamitshitsonofabitchmotherfu...oh sorry, I was just drawing at home.

Love the new blog Nathalia and I like the drawings you did Thursday night. Very nice.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.



Good stuff from thursday.....Man I didn't like that model at all. but you did some nice drawings.


NM said...

Thanks for the compliments. Though if you notice it's only a handfull compaired to the total i should have. Gotta keep at it!