Monday, January 11, 2010

It's the New Year Extravaganza Post!

The last quarter of last year had a lot of changes for me. I think I am only getting used to them now. I started a new job, as you may have guessed. Working in a local NYC animation Studio that does stop-motion. Within that work environment I have seen some well needed changes in me that were a long time over due. For one, I feel more inspired to do my own work. On my daily commute I see things that though they may have been there the entire time, feel more available to me for inspiration.

I have a start of a series of sculptures that I may be posting sketches for soon, but at currently only 2, don't feel like they are enough. Besides I should make small scale mock-ups so that you may better understand what is in my head.

I have also reconnected with an old HS friend that still feverishly creates work. We have been trying to plan an Art Jam (a la music) in which we paint for 1 hole day together and feed off each other's artistic vibes. That still hasn't happened but again it has been pretty hectic.

Interestingly I have been both drawing more and yet less. More in the sense that I will feel compelled to pull out my sketchbook at various times, yet less because with the drawing classes that I had been taking, the number of pages and drawings were greater.

I also realized I neglected to post up pictures of my knitting. Why is this relevant you ask? Because this blog is supposed to be about whatever I make with my hands creatively. Knitting is one of them, as well as I want to incorporate it more into my art and sculpture. Besides this past summer I made this shawl/sweater thing that if I do say so myself looks great. I have to add sleeves and turn it into a proper sweater for me to be able to wear it, but the pattern looks really good.

This turn for more work production in my life makes me think back on the those old HS/College days, in which we had to create everyday and by connecting with classmates you helped each other through the dry spells and rough spots. Even when you felt you got bad critiques from teachers it still helped build this sense of creativity that seems to get lost sometimes when you leave and go out in the big bad world. Though I know not everyone will agree with me, I feel a youthful drive of inspiration that was sorely lacking in the past couple of years, once you had to start worrying about rent, food, and bills. And yet with this pause that I had in my creative life, I feel as if my work has grown more. The themes though similar feel they have a maturity and depth that I was striving for in my younger years that can actually ONLY be brought about through life, experiences, and change.
I hope that everyone that looks at this blog can see the difference, or I may just need to post a HS/College/Now comparison post to see.

Hope the new year has been good to you so far. More pictures to come soon. So keep coming back!

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