Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Antique Figure Drawing

So I was looking through some old sketchbooks as I try to continue keeping my workspace organized and I found these old figure drawings that I had meant to scan but I never did. To be honest it is a lot of them, so I will only be placing a couple on today. And actually anytime that I don't have another update for whatever project I happen to be working on I will continue to do so as well. The first set are some pen and ink stuff, that i liked the way they came out.


PS: an old friend of mine also reminded me of a throw down challenge I had given him on FB late last summer, but we both got to busy with other stuff to do it. It is the redesign of a couple of DC characters that we love that will be voted upon by our peers. I will be posting those up here as well, so be sure to check in and vote soon.



good stuff...Liking the addition of color on that second page.. Good shapes...Hope to see you guys at drawing on Thursday..


Nathalia M said...

I hope to be there too. These are from sometime last year, but apparently during that class my use of marker was better than normal and I was able to get better drawings down. I'm not even sure if they are from the same night, they just go together!