Monday, April 18, 2011

What you see in front of you:

Is madness! But also my next project. I was at Micheal's picking up paper for a framing project and I saw this pre-made form. Instantly I had an idea how she would move, the possibilities of the world she'd inhabit, and I knew I'd have to take her home. So tonight and tomorrow, I will give her arms, legs, and a more solid personality. And soon... soon you will see her LIVE!



ART SUPPLIES and a blank female TORSO...the possibilities are endless. I wonder if you plan to cut a section out of the torso's waist so that she can bend through her midsection?


Nathalia M said...

Nope. Part of her appeal is that she can't bend at the waist, and only move her legs from the knee down. Just think of the walk!