Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maya Animation and the story of heartache...

As you know by now I took a course on Maya essentials. For said course I had to do a 10 to 20 second animation, based off a toy that I choose. I picked the "Gazillion Bubbles Bug" and proceeded to hate every minute of staring at him and my screen to get even half of his details right, while learning the program. I screamed, I cried, I bitched at the screen, program, on FB and to my husband. BUt I got not only a decent resemblance of the toy, but also a 15 second animation out of it. Just for point of reference on how... hopeful... naive... enthusiastic... and over-acheiving I was at the beginning of class, I am also going to show you the original story boards for what I had conceved as the animation I was going to do.

But first the Animation:

And now my SB's:


Emma said...

I love the story boards! The little bug looks so sad! Maybe someday you'll come back to that idea? I'd love to see it.
Well done though on the animation. You didn't choose an easy toy to use - I especially like how his little wings move :) It makes me smile

Nathalia M said...

Thanks Emma! That was the point with the wings. Now that I have time I may try to do the proper story and I'll put that up. Glad to know that you liked the bug as much as I ended up doing. I was hoping he was as cute to others as he was to me!