Thursday, June 12, 2014

Color studies 2: Prince of Egypt

Continuing with the theme of color studies I did a marker rendition of a color study that was used for the movie "The Prince of Egypt" by Dreamworks. I remember watching that movie and being amazed by the level of animation produced. I had at that point begun to become jaded by Disney animation and feeling that all those proclamations of "animation is dead" were true. This movie blew my mind and remember thinking "Disney is back" and then "Holy S#!% this isn't Disney!". I was blown away and pulling out this art of book after all those years just reinforced that idea. The art direction in this movie is amazing and more films need to be made with this level of dedication, details, and love.

Sorry to gush. I was really impressed.

Going back to color studies, I was using my limited palette of handy Copic markers. I usually try to buy a limited palette of them to carry with me. I sometimes feel having a full palette makes you lazy. Not think of how colors are created, how they look next to each other, how they can create different moods. I'm trying to think more about how I use color. I'm obsessed. And trying to draw my own subjects sidetracks me. I'm happy with the way this came out.

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