Thursday, June 5, 2014

Color Studies

Last but not least last week was Color Studies. To start with after working 2 days on value studies, we had to switch gears to color. Using the same concepts of values, we had to color pick the light, medium, dark values of each area of the photograph to help us realize the shear amount of colors that a single object can have. I started with the image on the bottom and worked my way up, changing the way I not only picked the color, but also how I placed them in the image for easy access of review. The last (top most) image is a screen capture of an amazing artist names Craig Mullins. His photoshop paintings have so much depth, lighting, and variations, I had to try to break it down. It was amazing. You should try it yourself, with an artist that you like. You'll be surprised at what you can learn. I hope to post more color studies soon. 

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